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Wooden Flooring


One of the most preferred flooring both for commercial and residential premises. You can choose light colored woods like ash, or dark colored woods like walnut according to your taste and preference. Let us tell you a few interesting facts about Wooden Flooring. You may either opt for Hardwood or Laminate Wood Flooring. Enumerated below are some specific features:

Hardwood Flooring -

  • Made from harvested trees and has a life of 75-80 years.
  • The flooring process involves nailing down.
  • Durable, however prevention from moisture and scratches is suggested.
  • Repairing involves sanding and refinishing.

Laminate Flooring -

  • Made from high-density fiber board punched inside melamine laminate.
  • The flooring process involves gluing down and floating.
  • Though the life is lesser (20-25 years) than Hardwood Flooring, Laminate Flooring is less vulnerable to damage because of moisture or scratching.

Know more by contacting us. We assure of world-class service and best designs. The professionals, prior to carrying out the flooring process, understand your preferences so as to deliver the finest outcomes. With us, be sure of securing the most efficient flooring that suits your house/office and gives an outstanding look to your place.


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