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Anti Static Flooring


Your search for the most efficient anti-static flooring comes to an end. To protect your computer, surgery, or radiology equipments, you can rely on anti-static flooring services of ours. Ensuring the prevention of antistatic layer from direct contact, Vinyl abrasion layer provides utmost safety. Widely recommended by experts, anti-static flooring ensures-

  • Prevention of static charge flow into computer terminals.
  • Prevention of loss of computer memory.
  • A protective shield to internal circuits.
  • All-inclusive security and safety of electronic equipments and data.

For utmost protection conductive materials like Plasticizers, Pigments, and Fillers etc are used in the composition of anti-static layer. You can be sure of our services as our installation norms are as per BS: 8203/1987 standards. Our professionals help you select the design, color, and other specifications as per your preferences. Plus, prior to installation, they make sure that the surface is cleaned, evened, and is moisture-free. Copper strips are also laid beneath the anti-static flooring as a precautionary measure.

For any further queries, feel free to contact us. From installation to maintenance, our experts can advise you on every aspect of anti-static flooring.


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